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Command line usage

phjuke [-f prefs-file] [-x|y|w|h n] [home]

-f prefs-file
Sets the path to the preferences file. The preferences file is read at startup and written when you close the main window. It saves your repeat and shuffle settings, character set information, and other things. The default is $HOME/.phjuke.

-x position
-y position
-w width
-h height
Controls the initial placement and size of the window. By default, the window is positioned off the top left corner of the screen such that the title bar and left border aren't visible, and is sized just large enough so the bottom and right borders aren't visible on the Audrey's 640x480 display. If you prefer to have window borders, you can use these parameters. The -w and -h parameters control the size of the active portion of the window, not counting the borders. For example, -x 0 -y 0 -w 632 -h 456 positions the window to take up the whole screen on an Audrey with all window controls and borders visible.

PhJuke will use this directory or PHJ file as the home page; the browser window will start off displaying its contents. If no home directory is specified, the starting directory from the last invocation (saved in the preferences file) is used; if this is the first invocation, the current working directory is used. If index.phj is present, in the directory in question, it is used.

If PhJuke is already running, the existing window is opened and any options are ignored.

Steven Grimm