Sound and Video Clips

The sound and video clips in this directory are from Warner Bros.' online Babylon 5 promotion of May 1995. All of them were specially created for the promotion; none of them are excerpts from the show.

Please don't upload sound or video clips unless they're sanctioned by Warner Bros. We'll just delete them.


X users can play Microsoft Video (.avi) and QuickTime files using XAnim. Microsoft has a free viewer for Windows, and there's a Mac viewer as well.

Video beeps

backup.avi	Garibaldi reminds you to back up your hard disk.
dream.avi	Delenn bids you goodbye.
favorite.avi	Garibaldi reveals his favorite thing in the universe.
minbari.avi	Delenn asks you to reset your comm software.
password.avi	Lennier asks for your password.
promo1mv.avi	(didn't play back on my AVI player)
security.avi	Garibaldi warns you about security.
software.avi	Delenn waxes philosophical.
virus.avi	Sheridan scans for viruses.


(Note that these feature soundtracks different from what was broadcast.)
2away.avi	Minbari fighters head to B5 station, from "Points of Departure"
2explos.avi	Shadows attack Narn outpost, from "The Coming of Shadows"
2vortex.avi	Streib ship opens a jump point, from "All Alone in the Night"
battle4.avi	Centauri vs. Narn space battle, from "Acts of Sacrifice"
bigship.avi	Narn cruiser is destroyed, from "Acts of Sacrifice"
invortex.avi	Streib ship jumps, from "All Alone in the Night"
laser.avi	Babylon 5's communication laser, from "Points of Departure"
planetb2.avi	Streib ship approaches homeworld, from "All Alone in the Night"
rotate.avi	Flyby of the station
shipcut.avi	Minbari cruiser is sliced, from "Points of Departure"
vortex.avi	Jump gate activates
xfight.avi	Starfury squadron in formation

A QuickTime movie, donated by PTEN, with some effects sequences from the pilot. A MacBinary version is also available for Mac users.


Sheridan: "You've just committed a fatal error. There's nothing we can do for you. Dismissed."
Sheridan: "This is Captain John Sheridan. Greetings from Babylon 5."
Ivanova: "Red alert, all quarters. There appear to be online visitors."
Ivanova: "This is Commander Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5. Come back and see us soon."
Sheridan: "Computer, activate virus defense systems. Prepare to download."