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Welcome to the PhJuke home page. Here you'll find a jukebox application designed for Photon, the window system of the QNX Realtime Platform.

Specifically, PhJuke was designed with the 3Com Audrey touchscreen Internet appliance in mind. It features big finger-sized buttons and a full-screen UI to turn your Audrey into a music station. As a matter of fact, that's exactly why I wrote this program -- one of my Audreys sits on top of a receiver in my front room and serves up music to my guests.

Other features of note include customizable menus (you can even make buttons out of scanned album covers), the ability to read WinAmp and Media Jukebox playlists, hotkey operation, and of course shuffle mode.

Check out the screenshots section to see what it looks like, or throw caution to the wind and go download it for yourself. Take a peek at the documentation to get the most out of it.

Comments, suggestions, and patches are welcome. Happy listening!

Steven Grimm