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What Was New - 1999

December 5, 1999
Newsflash: The JMS/Chris Carter project has been scrapped for now.

November 18, 1999
Newsflash: A "Cleveland Live" article claims that JMS is working on a new series with "X-Files" creator Chris Carter. JMS hasn't confirmed it.

November 12, 1999
The B5 Fan Club is now selling copies of the B5 writers' bible and the original series treatment used to pitch the show to network executives when it was first being shopped around.

November 1, 1999
The feedback has been positive, so I've put the voice chat device on a few more pages. Check it out!

October 28, 1999
If you're running Windows 95/98/NT and IE/Netscape 4.0 or higher, and your PC has a microphone, check out the Lurker's Guide's new voice chat page!

October 21, 1999
The "Crusade" soundtrack is available now.

October 5, 1999
The third Psi Corps novel, "Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester," is out.

September 27, 1999
Newsflash: "Crusade" begins in Australia on September 30 and in Israel on January 8 of next year.

September 21, 1999
Newsflash: Sierra has cancelled the B5 game. See www.firstones.com for details about efforts to save the project.

September 5, 1999
Newsflash: "The Truman Show" has won the 1998 Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, beating out "Sleeping in Light." Congratulations to all of this year's winners.

September 3, 1999
Newsflash: A number of people have sent mail asking if I know anything about the fate of "Crusade." The answer, unfortunately, is no. There are several fan efforts to get the show picked up by another network; see the Guide's list of Crusade sites for some links.

August 31, 1999
The "What's New" items from 1998 have been moved off this page. (Better late than never...)

Newsflash: JMS is apparently working on a new TV series.

Newsflash: Viewers in the UK should note that the last four "Crusade" episodes will air Saturday and Sunday nights over the next two weekends.

Newsflash: Viewers in Australia should tune in September 1 at 11:05 for "Objects at Rest," which is on a day earlier than usual due to sports programming.

August 30, 1999
A reworked and updated complete list of actors is online.

August 25, 1999
Newsflash: If you're planning to attend this weekend's Conucopia convention in Anaheim, note that JMS's appearance has been moved from Sunday to Saturday at 1PM.

Several people have written to ask why there haven't been many updates to the guide pages recently. The answer is simply that I don't have a lot of free time to spend on the site these days. I do intend to catch up, though; expect a big update this weekend.

July 26, 1999
The guide pages for "Ruling from the Tomb" and "The Rules of the Game" have been updated. My apologies for the delay.

The onscreen credits for "Patterns of the Soul" are online.

July 5, 1999
Newsflash: The latest issue of "Amazing Stories" has a B5 story written by JMS.

The onscreen credits for "The Path of Sorrows" are online.

The LogBook has an interview with "Crusade" composer Evan Chen.

July 2, 1999
The guide page for "The Path of Sorrows" will be delayed -- I had a VCR mishap and missed Wednesday's broadcast.

June 27, 1999
Newsflash: The series bible for "Crusade" is available via the Official B5 Fan Club.

TV Guide has a brief story about Carrie Dobro (Dureena on "Crusade").

June 24, 1999
Newsflash: "Crusade" premieres in the UK on July 4 at 8PM on Sky One.

Newsflash: GameCenter has a brief article about the upcoming B5 space combat game.

The onscreen credits for "The Well of Forever" are online.

June 21, 1999
The onscreen credits for "The Long Road" are online.

June 14, 1999
The onscreen credits for "War Zone" are online.

June 12, 1999
Newsflash: TNT plans to rebroadcast "Crusade" Mondays at 11PM.

June 10, 1999
If you're interested in the real scoop on Crusade's cancellation, check out the interview with JMS in issue 58 of DreamWatch, in stores in the US and UK now.

A very basic guide page for "War Zone" is online. It'll be fleshed out more in the coming days. I'll be covering all 13 "Crusade" episodes in the regular Lurker's Guide format.

A revamped and updated version of the cast list page is online. Thanks to Dirk Kocherscheidt for putting a ton of work into it!

June 8, 1999
Newsflash: Sierra is running a survey to determine which of their games (including the B5 combat simulator) should be ported to the Mac. The poll is on the lower right of their home page.

June 5, 1999
Newsflash: "Crusade" premieres Wednesday, June 9 at 10PM on TNT in the US. In Canada it begins Saturday, June 12 at 7PM Eastern on SPACE and Tuesday, June 15 at 8PM on CityTV.

May 29, 1999
Newsflash: Crusade for Crusade has succeeded in raising enough money to pay for an ad in Daily Variety.

May 23, 1999
Newsflash: Want to help search for extraterrestrial signals using your PC? Take part in the SETI@home project.

May 22, 1999
Newsflash: The fan-run Crusade for Crusade effort is nearing its goal of raising enough money to run an ad in Daily Variety.

Newsflash: DVD-player owners might be interested in this petition to ask Warner Bros. to release B5 in anamorphic widescreen format.

May 15, 1999
Newsflash: TNT has moved B5 to Saturday mornings at 7AM.

April 30, 1999
Newsflash: TNT's Crusade site is online.

Newsflash: TNT is temporarily suspending its daytime B5 broadcasts. TNT's site is holding a viewer poll to help determine B5's new timeslot.

April 28, 1999
Newsflash: Ain't It Cool News has a bunch of "Crusade" information, including promotional artwork and reviews of some episodes.

April 25, 1999
Newsflash: Jerry Doyle and Peter Jurasik will be appearing on "Sliders."

April 23, 1999
Newsflash: "Sleeping in Light" has been nominated for the 1999 Hugo Award for best dramatic presentation.

April 13, 1999
Newsflash: Ain't It Cool News has a report on an effort to save "Crusade."

April 12, 1999
Newsflash: JMS has been given the Science Fiction Writers of America's Bradbury Award. Details here.

March 26, 1999
A preview issue (#0) of JMS's forthcoming comic "Rising Stars" is now on sale. It is packaged with a special issue of Wizard Magazine devoted to "Fathom." To be sure you have the correct issue, look for the Wizard Magazine with the "Fathom" cover, and then flip the packet over. You should be able to see the "Rising Stars" preview issue through the transparent wrapper.

Newsflash: "In the Beginning" re-airs this Sunday at 10:30PM on TNT.

Newsflash: The BIG Picture has an interview with Warner Home Video executives who say they plan to release B5 on DVD.

March 18, 1999
Crusade will air starting June 12 on Canada's SPACE: The Imagination Station.

Newsflash: B5 has been nominated for three Saturn Awards. The complete list of nominees.

March 15, 1999
Newsflash: For those who haven't seen it on TNT's site, TNT will be showing most of the B5 TV-movies on June 9, Crusade's premiere date. See the US episode list for a schedule.

Want to encourage Warner Bros. to release B5 on DVD? Here's where to send your letters:

DVD Programming
Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank CA 91522

New in the Making Of section: a list of classical literary references in B5's ship names. Thanks to Katrin Thier.

March 2, 1999
Newsflash: Netter Digital has put out a press release about Crusade.

February 25, 1999
Newsflash: Ain't It Cool News reports that "Crusade" has been cancelled. TNT will air the 13 episodes already shot.

February 24, 1999
Newsflash: "A Call to Arms" airs March 12 at 9PM on CFCF in Montreal.

February 23, 1999
"River of Souls" is now available on video in the UK.

January 30, 1999
Newsflash: JMS reports that "Crusade" may be moving to a venue other than TNT. Ain't It Cool News has a story with more details.

January 18, 1999
Newsflash: CFCF in Montreal will be showing "The River of Souls" January 23 at 2PM.

January 15, 1999
New on the products page: A limited-edition B5 poster.

January 10, 1999
A new version of the writers/directors list is online.

Newsflash: Harlan Ellison will be on CBS' "The Late, Late Show with Tom Snyder" the evening of January 14. Check your local listings for the time.

January 8, 1999
A synopsis of "A Call to Arms" is online.

January 5, 1999
The onscreen credits for "A Call to Arms" are online.

January 3, 1999
Newsflash: Canada's CITY-TV will be showing "River of Souls" January 12 and "A Call to Arms" January 19, both at 9PM.

Newsflash: Season five begins in Poland on January 9.

January 1, 1999
Newsflash: Happy new year! Ain't It Cool News has an article about "A Call to Arms" (which airs this Sunday on TNT) including some rumors of changes to "Crusade" episodes.

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